Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back To Spring

It seemed like the perfect day today to make this little nest of peeps with the balmy 60 degree breeze streaming through the windows for the first time in months and months. You may recognize that it is a takeoff on the project in Family Fun magazine Easter edition. Cam had a great time picking up the little seed bead eyes with a pair of tweezers and gluing them into place. It turned out to be a fun craft time together and a little hand-eye-coordination exercise for him as well (ok, for me too).

I must say that I did a bit of scrambling to figure out how I would get the nest to stick together since the directions called for liquid starch and I had none. I watered down some flexible fabric glue and it seemed to do the trick. Cam's favorite part was dipping and dragging the yarn through the sticky glue while I wrapped and wrapped it around a cling wrap covered bowl to resemble the nest.

The little birdies reminded me of the Spring Peeps crochet pattern I designed a couple of years ago.

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