Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday With Dad

This is Soll-E. He is Cam's latest robot design (as he puts it) inspired by "Wall-E", in my opinion, the most darling and meaningful movie of 2008.

Here is it's completion after a hard day working with dad in the craft lab. It turned out to be a terrific way to use the bits and pieces of recycling I keep just for this purpose. It was also a mini lesson in electronics as the middle of Soll-E's thread-spool head has a red lightbulb eye that can turn on and off at the flip of a switch. Yay for repurposing the LED light salvaged from a cheap and annoying Halloween toy necklace that Cam won last year.

It just proves that the box, container or lid is always more fun than the product that came in it (although I do like yogurt a lot). Recycling is cool. I think the people aboard the Axiom could definitely learn from this and I'm quite sure that Wall-E would be proud...

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