Sunday, February 8, 2009

Golden Birthday And The Pirate Ship

We made it through Cam's fifth birthday and it was a true success! Five gifts were given for his golden birthday I couldn't be happier with how they were received since three of them were crazy ideas that I created in between double diaper duty and baby burpings. I'm working on some some tutorials for these creations for some near future postings.

For now, here is the pirate cake he requested. I found the idea in Family Fun and added a few touches of my own. Do you recognize the water frosting? Yes, I was able to use up Cookie Monster's fur from the previous night's cupcakes. The wee little pirate was one of the gifts I made which I will divulge on later...

The worst part of making the cake was all of the chocolate goodness in my presence and my inability to refrain from taste testing.

The best part was that he asked me who was inside of the cake. He then played with the pirate and friends on top of the cake while dinner was being made.
When he was done, we ate the cake.
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Heather - - said...

I did a pirate bday party for my first son's first birthday! It was so fun! My cake didn't look as good as yours, though!