Monday, June 22, 2009

Dinosaur Bones

There's always a selection of "healthy" cereals in our kitchen for a quick breakfast or snack time and they all live in clear containers so they look somewhat appetizing. I never had a problem getting the kids to enjoy Kellog's All-Bran cereal with yogurt bites (well, it does have some sugar in it). The other morning, I found out why.

Camden had eaten all of the bran flakes and collected the yogurt bites so he could assemble a T-Rex skeleton..

Chase saw and, of course, tried to do the same. Being only two years old, I don't think he caught on to the yogurt bites resembling bones and built his dinosaur with the bran flakes instead.

The whole episode made me laugh. Leave it to a kid to come up with the best unique and fun ways to eat food...

1 comment:

Shane said...

Heh heh, Camden has an awesome imagination. I cannot believe, though, that Chase is only 2. It's one of those rare instances when it seems that time has a fear of flying.