Thursday, June 11, 2009

On Top Of The World

Today was the most lovely day of the season! I forced myself to stay far away from the craft lab and work outside. Cam started the afternoon with some Goopaloop (our name for trail mix- see recipe below) on the deck while listening to "Top Of The World" by the Carpenters on repeat on his giant "I-pod".He then went on an expedition. Recently declaring that he wanted to become a biologist when he grows up I created a bucket for him to take when he explores the critters living in our backyard. In it is a garden spade for digging (it doesn't matter that he has a giant, handmade sandbox, he still prefers to dig in the dirt), garden gloves, an explorer's hat, clipboard and pen, magnifying glass and his digital camera.

Meanwhile, the little ones slept and I painted.

Life is good...
Cam's Goopaloop
Kix cereal
Mint chocolate chips
Goldfish crackers
Whole oats (oatmeal)

Mix all together in a bowl and dole out accordingly. Caution: the chocolate chips are the first to go!

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