Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Hair "Bow"

A couple of my dear, daughter-raising friends were looking for a cute DIY flower "bow" to kick their creativity in gear for the season. Here is what we came up in fifteen minutes with a hot glue gun and some quick thinking.

What you need:
a cute, silk flower (or paper or fabric or whatever inspires you)
a barrette and/or piece of elastic (I used some foldover elastic I had on hand)
a hot glue gun (or, if you're patient, some "snail-dry" glue)

1. Look around your house for a cute jar of pretend flowers from which you might not notice if one went missing.

2. Pop the flower off the stem and remove all center plastic pieces that hold it together.

3. Stack the flower forms on top of each other. I used two different colors of flowers and alternately layered them. Glue each piece on top of the next.

4. Look through your craft stash and select the most perfect and inspiring centerpiece. I ended up choosing buttons for my orange "bow" but for my red flower I put blings in the center. Glue them on.

5. Measure your recipient's head and cut your elastic accordingly. Overlap the ends and glue together. Glue the band to the flower as shown.

6. And then, I got a better idea. What about making a headband with interchangeable flowers? Just glue the completed flower onto a barrette and snap it onto the headband. Now you have one for each outfit. Neat huh?

By the way, I admit that I made the red one for myself. It's not just for little girls!


Betty Monroy said...

Love it!! I need to make one for me, after all I'm still a girl (inside) :)

Yycien said...

That is so beautiful, easy and fun. I’m excited to try this tutorial and make some baby hair bows for my niece. Thanks for this. :)

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