Friday, June 11, 2010

Made: Jalie Blouse

Part of the reason I started a blog was to track and record my projects. When I complete a project, whether it be one that has been in the works for awhile or a completely whimsical day project, I get pumped. Not only do I get pumped because it is finished and I get to use or wear something new but also because somewhere along the way I became inspired to make something else. And then, in the midst of daily activity and too many projects to keep track of I often get so eager to begin the next inspiration that I forget to stop and appreciate what I just accomplished.

So, I've created a new category for my blog called "Made". Here I will post pictures of items that I've made just for the sake of keeping track of them. If you find one that inspires you and would like to know how it was made just drop a comment.

Here is an experiment in working with lycra jersey. It was made using the Jalie Pattern 2449. The pattern was very simple, a great fit and came with excellent instructions.


Betty Monroy said...

It looks sooo good on you!! I'm glad you are back on the blog world. Love ya!

Christina said...

I kinda feel like you are "cheating" on me. Those are things WE do together! How dare you have other creative friends to create with!
Not Amused.